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Knives for the recycling of plastics, metals and paper

Knives for Recycling

Knives for granulating systems and granulators

Our product range in the field of shredding / granulation includes knives for cutting mills and agglomerators for the recycling of plastics or non-ferrous metals.
We use chrome-alloyed tool steel as standard material. For higher performances we offer KSC 871, a special material. This material achieves a higher performance with the same toughness as the standard.

Reel splitter knives: recycling of paper rolls

Rollenspaltmesser Recycling Kreso
Our reel splitter knives are made of high-chrome alloyed tool steel. The heat treatment is adapted to the application.

We supply our reel splitter knives for plants of the manufacturers Boa, Jyllhävara, Kollin & Ström and De Pecker.

Recycling of scrap and metals

Kreso Recycling Rollenspaltmesser Papierrollen

The knife materials for our scrap shear blades are high-strength tool steels.

Typical applications are scrap shear blades from Becker, Theis or Lindemann.