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Regrinding service

In addition to the new production, we offer as a service the regrinding and sharpening of all kinds of long knives up to a length of 5100 mm:

The repairs are carried out professionally and with expertise on our production grinding machines, on which our new products are also manufactured.

 Thus, highest accuracies are achieved with a quality similar to new knives.

Job hardening

Job hardening service

In our own heat treatment facility, we can harden and temper workpieces for our customers from the usual tool steels used for knives and wear parts up to a length of 5900 mm in commission, depending on the unit weight.

The workpieces are always through-hardened by us.

In addition, we also offer straightening of the workpieces on request.


Consulting service

KRESO attaches great importance to advising our customers on the selection of the material for the knives used, specially adapted to the application.

Due to our many years of experience in cooperation with machine manufacturers and end users, we can offer a wide spectrum of knife materials in order to achieve optimum cutting results in daily use.

A wide range of steel qualities are used, from standard tool steels to powder metallurgically produced steels.