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Knives for the paper producing and paper processing industry

Paper and cardboard production

Printing and further processing

Production and processing of corrugated cardboard

Paper and cardboard production

Sheeter knives for paper and cardboard production

Kreso Sheeter knives for paper and cardboard production

Due to our long-standing and close cooperation with leading machine manufacturers and users, we can draw on extensive experience in the production of sheeter knives.

Wear-resistant and dust-free

For longer service lives, the materials used for our knives are powder-metallurgically produced steels (PM steels) or carbide-tipped knives, rarely chromium steels. In order to reduce dust generation and improve the cutting quality, these knives can also be provided with an optional polish grinding.

We produce sheeter knives for cutting systems of renowned machine manufacturers, e.g. for Jagenberg, Will, Bielomatik, Pasaban, Clark Aiken, Fosber, Strachan Henshaw.

Air lips

In addition to knives, we also manufacture air lips for the coating of cardboard.

We can produce these up to a length of approx. 7.7 m from rust- and acid-resistant material.

Printing and further processing

Knives for printing und finishing

Kreso Papier Messer für die Druck- und Weiterverarbeitung

KRESO manufactures:

  • Guillotine knives
  • Knives for 3-knife trimmers
  • Knives for trimmers
  • Knives for bound notebook production lines

The knives are suitable for cutting paper, cardboard, foils etc. Available materials are carbide, high-speed steel (HSS) and Swedish steel (rarely as standard).

 For this product range, we can supply the appropriate knives for all commercial machine types. In addition to the range of knives, we can also supply the appropriate cutting bars.


Production and processing
of corrugated cardboard

Sheeter knives for corrugated card board

For many years, we have been successfully supplying sheeter knives especially for corrugators, made of powder metallurgical (PM) steel, HSS steel or chrome steel to manufacturers, specialist dealers and users.

Our knives are mainly used in plants of the following manufacturers: Agnati, BHS, Fosber, Marquip and Peters.