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Machine knives and wear parts since 1870: from Wuppertal to all across the world. Manufacturing from a single source.

Machine knives for the industry

Stability, durability and the perfect cutting result…

… these are the requirements we have set for ourselves since our beginnings in the forging and grinding mills in 1870.

From the first consultation to the finished product, we carry out all production steps in-house. Our know-how, paired with the many years of experience of our employees, are determining factors for the high quality of our products.


In addition to the manufacturing of standard products, we also implement special requests together with you

Kremer, Sondermann GmbH & Cie. KG, KRESO in short, is a leading manufacturer of industrial knives for varied sectors. Our main applications are in the field of sheet metal working and steel production as well as paper and cardboard production. Since many years, knives for print processing, recycling and the food industry and mechanical engineering elements have been an important part of our production range as well.

We offer consultation on special applications, cutting problems or on the search for the right material for the knives and wear parts you use. All manufacturing steps for your products are carried out at our site. This enables us to ensure high quality and adaptability.

Responding to the changing needs of the market with increasing demands on quality and technical execution innovatively is a challenge we are happy to undertake.








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The history of our success

Our history as a long-established company in Wuppertal


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