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Knives for sheet metal working and steel production

Sheet metal working and steel production
Steel plants

Knives for sheet metal working and steel production

Guillotine shears / Angle shears

Tafelscheren / Winkelscheren Metal Kreso

As an original equipment manufacturer, we supply a large number of well-known manufacturers of guillotine shears.

Large quantities are produced in standard tool steels; the material depends on the capacity of the plant. In the event of special cutting problems, we can advise our customers individually on the selection of the knife material based on many years of experience in resolving cutting problems tailored to the specific application. This ensures an optimal price-performance ratio for our products.

We supply for the following machine types, among others:

LVD, Safan, EHT, Adira, Baykal, Durma, Ermak, Haco, Wieger, Lotze, Bystronic, Vimercati, Prima Power, Schröder, Cidan, Darley

Cut-To-Length Lines

Messer für Querteilanlagen Metall Kreso

Knives for cut-to-length lines are used in the production and processing of steel sheets and also of non-ferrous metals, here especially in the production of aluminium.

For the sheeter knives in rotating synchronised sheeter lines, knives made of powder metallurgical (PM) steel are used almost exclusively due to the user target group (thin steel or aluminium sheets).

In the cut-to-length lines, which operate according to the shearing principle with upper and lower knives, a knife material is usually selected individually in cooperation with the machine manufacturer or the user, depending on the application.

Due to the large number of different applications, there is a high number of knife materials as well. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of materials consulting, we will find the right solution together with you.

Scrap chopper blades

Saumhacker Metall Kreso

Scrap chopper blades shred the metal waste produced by trimming shears. It is important to use a sufficiently tough yet sufficiently wear-resistant knife steel. The range of materials here extends from simple tool steels to high-quality powder metallurgical (PM) steels.

Scrap chopper blades from our production are, like the knives for cut-to-length lines, used in plants of Danieli, SMS, Ungerer, Georg, Andritz, Primetals (formerly Siemens VAI) etc.

Notcher knives

Messer für Seitenstanzen Metall Kreso

Notchers are used in conveyor systems for stapled or welded sheet metals.

We manufacture the upper and lower knives with the tightest tolerances according to the manufacturer’s specifications so that the knife sets can work together in an optimal manner. We use standard tool steels as well as special alloys for enhanced performance.

Blanking tools

KRESO manufactures shaped blanking tools for the automotive industry for precise pre-cutting of vehicle parts from sheet metal.

High-quality powder metallurgical (PM) steels, which guarantee very long durability, are preferably used in order to guarantee a long service life of the tools. The tools are manufactured in compliance with highest accuracy and special user specifications.

Knives for Steel Plants

Shear blades for cold work and hot work

Scherenmesser für Kalt- und Warmarbeit

KRESO has been present in steel plants for several years. There is a very wide range of applications with different material thicknesses and substances of the materials to be cut, for hot and cold cuts.

 We manufacture:

  • Billet and bar blades
  • Profile shear blades
  • Crop shear blades

Our strength lies in on-site individual consultation, particularly in the steelwork sector.

We support our partners in the selection of the material and choose the appropriate heat treatment, which we can carry out in-house in most cases.

The materials used are the common tool steels for hot or cold work, high-alloy tool steels (also special alloys), powder metallurgical (PM) steels (CPM, ASP) as well as nickel-based alloys.