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Machine knives and associated wear parts from the region

highest quality since 1870

Kremer, Sondermann GmbH & Cie. KG, KRESO in short, is a leading manufacturer of industrial knives

High stability, durability and a perfect cutting result: these are the requirements we have set for ourselves since our beginnings in the forging and grinding mills in 1870. From the first consultation to the finished product, we carry out all production steps in-house. Our know-how, paired with the many years of experience of our employees, are determining factors for the high quality of our products.

Kremer, Sondermann GmbH & Cie. KG, KRESO in short, is a leading manufacturer of industrial knives for various sectors: from the metal and recycling industry to mechanical engineering, paper and cardboard production, print processing and the food industry. Our top products include shear blades, blades for steel plants, wear parts, sheeter knives, bindings, doctor blades and scrapers.

Custom-made products, not a problem: all production steps in-house

We maintain close contacts with users as well as machine manufacturers. In addition to the manufacturing of standard products, we also work with you to implement special requests.

KRESO is an independent and owner-operated family business. With our own hardening shop and state-of-the-art production facilities, we manufacture all knives and related products from scratch. Modern manufacturing processes, high-quality materials and strict controls ensure a consistently high quality.


The traditional enterprise KRESO was founded in 1870. The founder of the company, Gustav Kremer, one of the people who gave the company its name, operated a forging and grinding mill in Nöllenhammerbachtal in the early years.

Tobacco knives, straw knives, paper knives and machine knives were produced.

When steam power replaced water power as the energy source and a railway line connected Cronenberg with Elberfeld in 1891, the company founders recognised the economic advantages of this development and in the same year moved their production to Cronenberg, to Borner Straße, near the town centre and the railway station. Walter Sondermann joined the company shortly after the turn of the century.

A modern steam hammer and a new rolling mill effectively improved the production of the knife blanks. During this time, the production of paper knives formed the main focus of the expanding company.

In 1946, businessman Werner Heuser took over the responsibility at KRESO by purchasing the first company shares

With his foresight, courage and commercial skill, he refined the long-established company. Werner Heuser recognised the increasing need for production space early on. Under his direction, the present company headquarters on Hauptstraße in Wuppertal – Cronenberg was built in 1959. From 1966 onwards, Hanny Heuser continued the work of her late husband.

Her daughter Gisela Schnatz-Heuser and her husband Peter Schnatz joined the company in 1972.

Kreso Historie Maschinen

Foresight, courage and commercial skill

Kreso Historie Maschinen

The new generation

Christian Schnatz has also been active in the company since 2006 as a representative of a new generation. The company is currently managed by Gisela Schnatz-Heuser as the Managing Director and Christian Schnatz as the authorised representative.

Responding to the changing needs of the market with increasing demands on quality and technical execution innovatively is a challenge that every generation is happy to rise to.